On Demand Digital Colour Printing

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Quantity versus Quality - Does it have to be one or the other?

Not any more - with digital printing, you can have both!

The value of digital printing begins by being able to print exact quantities instead of thousands extra in an effort to bring down the per unit cost as in the traditional printing world. And with digital printing, if you print too few, it is easy and inexpensive to print additional quantities that match the original run.

Digital printing is the complement to the traditional offset printing environment providing offset quality along with all the digital capabilities, offering the best of both worlds.

Digital printing eliminates the manual preparation for offset printing, which makes colour only economical as the quantities reach quite high levels. The system’s digital front end enables last minute colour corrections and easy reprints of stored print jobs. And digital printing renders a truly exceptional image quality that will advance the perception of superior products and a superior company.

What does that mean? Simply that colour is now more affordable than ever… in quantities that make sense for business that is moving forward at an increasing pace.

What does colour buy you? - Things that money can’t

Why do people print in black and white? Is it because it’s the best solution? No, people print in black and white for one reason... cost. Everyone knows that colour can add to printed communications… if people can afford it. Now, digital printing makes colour more affordable than ever so you can use it in every job to magnify the impact of a range of documents:

  • Colour captivates in marketing pieces.
  • Colour clarifies in user manuals.
  • Colour adds perceived value in financial statements.