Colour Copying

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Why settle for just black and white? Full colour digital copying offers speed and outstanding quality and versatility.

By using the latest digital colour copying equipment at Jay Design & Print, digitally created documents can be enhanced, updated and amended quickly and easily.

We can print as many or as few as you require in glorious full colour at a price made affordable by digital technology. You can be assured of stylish, professional looking business documents with a fast turnaround and quality that is second to none. You can take new ideas from mind to market at a speed and cost unimaginable a few years ago, giving your company the competitive advantage required to stay ahead in today’s changing marketplace.

What does colour buy you? - Things that money can’t

Why do people print in black and white? Is it because it’s the best solution? No, people print in black and white for one reason... cost. Everyone knows that colour can add to printed communications… if people can afford it. Now, digital printing makes colour more affordable than ever so you can use it in every job to magnify the impact of a range of documents:

  • Colour captivates in marketing pieces.
  • Colour clarifies in user manuals.
  • Colour adds perceived value in financial statements.

The benefits to your business are huge:

  • Reduced warehouse and storage costs
  • Reduced quantities of obsolete stock
  • Improved competitive advantage
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Improved cashflow
  • Shorter lead times

The flexibility provided by digital colour copying means you can send material to us via Flash Drive, SD Card, CD, Zip disk, floppy disk, via email or upload your material by using our Client FTP Area. What’s more, documents can be personalised to add extra impact to your business communications and help you win more business.